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yukineko_chan's Journal

22 September
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Hello world! This is me!
Hello minna! \(>_<)/
I'm not good with talking about myself...
I really don't know what should I write here....so I'll just write more about my interests..
First things first I really have to say they're the first two band/ idol groups that I love.
I became a fan of Arashi first, about 2 years ago...I'm not ashamed to say that I became a fan thanks to hanadan & Matsujun. After I saw the drama I did some research to find more dramas/movies with the actors, and thanks to that I find out about Arashi....and it was love at first sight! lol
Contrary to what you may think my ichibans <3 are Ohno Satoshi & Ninomiya Kazunari.
Their music, their programs and their dramas/movies....I like to watch them all! Also I started reading fanfics about them...Ohmiya is my OTP <3 But I also love Sakumoto lol.
1 year ago I also started to follow HeySayJump!, thanks to Arashi. I first heard about them when some of the member guested in Arashi tv shows, but I became interested in them after seeing yamada play Nagisa in the first Assassination Classroom and have heard the theme song "koro sensation". So, like it happend for Arashi, I started to follow them, and I fell in love with the members and their music. My ichiban is Yamada and my ninban Arioka Daiki. My OTP Yabuhika <3.
- MUSIC: I don't have a favorite genre....I don't care If it's an anime or games theme song or a 'normal' song..If I like it I just put it on my mp3 (without necessarily become a fan of the singer/band)

- VIDEOGAMES: I love them since I was young. RPG, action/adventure and horror are the best for me!

- TV SERIES & MOVIES: Horror & Thriller 4ever! Give me an horror/thriller movie (both american and Japanese) and I'll be happy xD As for love stories....well...lets say I'm very picky when it comes to them :P Same goes for series...my fav are crimes and horror series like TWD, CSI, L&O, Criminal Minds, ecc....

- DRAMA: If we talk about dramas, Japanese are my fav [Korean and Thai are not bad, but until now I only saw the different versions of Hanadan ad Itazura na Kiss xD].

- ANIMALS: I love animals...that's all I have to say. I love Cats (and felidae in general) the most <3 and I have 20 of them [I live in the countryside so I have enough space lol]

- FANFICTION: I don't remember when ad why I started reading fics...Usually I read the ones about games, anime & manga characters. I read both M/F & M/M pairings. Oh, and now I'm also into Arashi fanfics!

- ANIME & MANGA: Same as games. Yaoi, shonen'ai & shonen are my favorites. I read some shojo too, but there are only few that I really like....

- BOOK: You want to know what i read? Well, I think it's kinda obvious lol

That's all! Sorry for my bad english, but Italian is my native language :P
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